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Custom T-shirt printing market to grow at 9.7 per cent CAGR till 2032: Study


Custom T shirt printing market to grow at 9.7 per cent CAGR till 2032 Study


Valued at $3,579.1 million, the global custom T-shirt printing market is estimated to grow to $9,009.3 million by 2032, says a Future Market Insights study. They estimate, the market will contribute over 2 to 3 per cent to the global apparel market. From 2022 to 2032, the custom T-shirt printing market is expected to surge by over 9.7 per cent CAGR. Most of this growth will be driven by increasing demand for customized modern T-shirts and their use as a modern branding strategy. Rising disposable income coupled with a growing preference for personalized clothing is encouraging customers to spend on customized clothing.

Boosting brand visibility and luring customers

Demand for customized T-shirts with slogans and logos moving north. The global custom T-shirt printing market is expected to surpass 508,487 units by the end of 2032. Major companies across the world including start-ups use custom T-shirts to boost brand visibility and lure potential customers. These T-shirts also act as an effective branding tool for companies. The high-quality materials used to make these T-shirts helps brands extend their shelf-life and visibility for longer period.

US contributes 78.9% to global sales

One of the most lucrative markets for custom T-shirts is the US contributing 78.9 per cent to global sales in 2021. Demand was driven by leading football clubs and teams who custom-designed their T-shirts and jerseys with personal logos and designs. The market is expected to continue growing with government spending on sports-related activities increasing in coming years.

One of the fastest growing markets, Germany accounted for 26.9 per cent of the European custom T-shirt printing market. The market is expected to continue growing on account of rapid development and investment in printing technologies.

T-shirts with movie slogans, logs rise in popularity

Presence of market leaders such as Spreadshirt among others is also expected to boost growth. Custom T-shirts with movie slogans and logos are gaining immense popularity resulting in increased collaborations between key players and leaders of the entertainment industry.

Offering high print quality, the screen printing segment revenue share increased to over 52.1 per cent in 2021. Cost-effective printing techniques enables mass printing on synthetic fabrics like viscose, polyester, silk, and other similar materials.

Graphic design segment to dominate market

The largest share is being held by the graphic design segment with a market share of over 56.9 per cent in 2021. Growth in this segment is being aided by the growing popularity of custom T-shirts with pre-printed graphics. Increasing demand for graphic T-shirts is expected to boost the global men’s custom T-shirt printing market through 2021. On the other hand, growing gender fluidity and acceptance of different sexualities will help the global unisex custom T-shirt printing market to grow at 12.5 per cent CAGR from 2022 to 2032.

Discounts, easy access will help online segment

Emerging as the fastest growing segment, the online segment will grow at 13.1 per cent CAGR from 2022 to 2032. Growth will be driven by higher internet use, large discounts and ease of access.

Leading players in the custom T-shirt printing market are launching new products and expanding their business. For instance, Printful launched commercial and merchandize use graphic printing techniques in collaboration with Vexels in 2021. Similarly, in January 2019, Printful opened its second fulfillment center in Europe for better customer service and meet faster shipping demands.


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