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Canopy grants high rankings to Lenzing for circular economy adoption


In its new rankings non-profit organization Canopy has granted Lenzing 30.5 points for their work on circular economy. The company got this position due to Refibra technology as well as high level of transparency in wood and pulp sourcing. Lenzing scored 4 points more than it did in previous year. Lenzing has launched a social impact and afforestation project in Albania in the South European forests to address urgent issues including land degradation, biodiversity loss, deforestation and climate change.

For this project, Lenzing has joined hands with Canopy to ensure that the wood sourcing is in line with sustainable practices in a pulp mill in Brazil. The new plant will comply with the highest productive and energy-efficient facilities in the world and feed 40 per cent excess bioelectricity generated on-site as “green energy” into the public grid.

The plant will produce lyocell fibre with Refibra technology that uses textile waste as part of the feedstock. This will take the company a step closer towards creating a circular economy. This technology has been available since 2017 that combines environmentally responsible lyocell technology with a closed-loop production process, by also ensuring cotton waste materials are upcycled. The fibre is currently available with 30 per cent recycled textiles as a raw material.

Canopy’s has ranked world’s 31 largest wood-based fiber producers with respect to their sourcing. It recognizes the brand’s efforts to use alternative non-wood feedstock and their achievements for lasting conservation, especially regarding critical forests around the globe.